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I'll show with the agencies watching your IPs on the torrents

October 2, 2017, 11:28 pm by nickarad •1516 posted in torrents Views: 4207 ,

I will present in Premiere World, for the first time on this site, one of the non-governmental agencies (but "hand in hand " with government agencies), namely, Mark Monitor.com who work for other agencies, including Sky.com.
This agency seeks to discover your personal IP, the sites you are visiting, if you just download torrents, if you are torrent uploader....etc....etc.
At the end, when they find you, they'll send you trojans or ramsoware into the computer, laptop...etc...that will lock your modem, network, or you will see the error message windows "Error Code x_x_x_x" and the system to reboot yourself. .. etc.
I will present some of the IP (Proxy Fake) and fake URL use different ports fron software torrent (Bitorent, utorrent,tixati...etc..), used of agency on torrent sites:
- IP (Proxy Fake); ns0.isp.sky.com

-URL Fake: -5ad8be83.bb.sky.com: port-13285
-5ad2d896.bb.sky.com: port-47783
-b0fe0684.bb.sky.com: port-22654
-b1fe1684.bb.sky.com: port-11750

So, those who download or upload torrents, when you see such IPs and URLs with the termination of "bb.sky.com" will immediately block them in IP FILTER for IPs and Windows Firewall for ports, all Inbound and Outbound in both TCP and UDP, otherwise it does not work blocking.
It will present the two lists below that will miss the interconnection between the two agencies.



Best regards.

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